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Yes, digital sports cards hold value and are worth money. They offer convenience, rarity, authenticity, interactivity, and the potential for value appreciation, making them a valuable investment for collectors.

To begin collecting digital sports cards, you need to download either the Panini or Topps app. Select the app that corresponds to the sport(s) you're interested in collecting: Topps Bunt for Baseball, Topps Skate for Ice Hockey, Topps Kick for Soccer, or Panini Blitz for football, and Panini Dunk for basketball. These apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store.

The best place to sell digital cards is on eBay. Selling digital sports cards on eBay is a trending and lucrative opportunity. With a global marketplace and growing demand, eBay offers a secure platform for sellers to reach a wide audience of collectors and maximize the value of their cards.

Cards are transferred through trades, making it effortless for users to send them to others. By selecting recipients and initiating the transfer, users can easily transfer cards within the apps. Likewise, trades are simplified by selecting desired cards and proposing offers. These user-friendly processes guarantee smooth transactions and cultivate a lively trading community within the apps.

The Topps and Panini App allows you to utilize your earned coins to acquire card packs. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase packs directly to speed up expanding your collection.